Moe/Zero 30 days challenge

day 1: Favorite character, if you can’t decide talk about all of them and what you adore about them

day 2: Least favorite character, if you think everyone is moe, say why you can’t hate them

day 3: Favorite pairing

day 4: Pigeons or turkeys?

day 5: Favorite gif

day 6: Favorite icon

day 7: Why are you moe / why aren’t you moe?

day 8: Living in a closet -  yes or no? Write a short essay!

day 9: A song which describes what you feel for Moe/Zero

day 10: Who is your waifu/husbando?

day 11: Favorite moexmas blingee.

day 12: Your favorite moe moment

day 13: Write a short fanfic about something moe

day 14: Doodle one of the Moe/Zero characters

day 15: If you had a Gilgil machine, what would you do with it?

day 16: Which role would you have in Kariya’s pigeon army? (for example: leader, the funny pigeon everyone loves, baka pigeon, tsundere pigeon, etc.)

day 17: Explain why you want to eat turkeyburgers.

day 18: Santa Kariya is coming to town. What does he have for you?

day 19: Do you feel bad for Gil because his only friends are his sparkles? If yes, how would you try to help him. If not, give a short reason for this answer.

day 20: Which role would you like to have in Moe/Zero?

day 21: Create a Moe version of Unlimited Blade Works

day 22: Most tragic character?

day 23: If Moe/Zero stopped existing, what would you do?

day 24: What is a Sakura?

day 25: For what or whom your kokoro is making the most dokidokis?

day 26: Who is the biggest baka? Explain why!

day 27: Describe the moment when you realized that Moe/Zero is your favorite fandom

day 28: Talk about mapo tofu

day 29: If Moe/Zero became an anime and DEEN animated it, what would your reaction to this be and how many derpfaces would be in it?

day 30: Why do you love/hate Moe/Zero?